Paper is the twelfth episode of Tommy Zoom. In this episode, Polluto seems to have taken the planet's paper supply,

Tommy and Daniel flying.

so Tommy and Daniel go in search of it. This episode is about saving paper.


As the episode begins, we find the family indoors, because it was a rainy day. Dad was being practical, Mum was being busy, and Tommy was being bored. When he couldn't find some of his favourite toys, he decided to draw something. Daniel wanted Tommy to draw him. But Tommy wasn't good at drawing Daniel. He made him look a blob, a blobby cat, and a blobby cat with chickenpox. It's also bad when he wastes things. When he pours milk on his cereal, puts washing up liquid in the bowl, and puts grapes in his mouth, it's too much. Tommy had used up the whole pack of paper. There was a big mountain of paper, and Tommy didn't know if he should throw it away. When Daniel asked what would Tommy Zoom do, they both transform in their cartoon superhero and dog looks. When they got to the world, they looked at the news where a newsman says that all the paper is gone and they only have tissues left. Daniel spots a paper mountain, so they flew all the way to the mountain and found a paper palace. Tommy drew a doorway and teared it open so they can enter the palace. Inside, Polluto and Smogg were planning what food to have on the menu, when Tommy and Daniel came. Polluto told them that he dumped paper on the mountainside and goes through his plan what will happen to the world without any paper. Tommy and Daniel told Polluto they're going to recycle the paper. When they got out, Daniel had an idea to roll some paper into a big ball like a big snowball. As Smogg saw the big paperball rolling down the hill, he tried to tell Smogg but Polluto was busy talking that he didn't pay attention to Smogg, but then he got caught in the paperball and bashed into a tree. In the news, the newsman was happy that the paper rampage was over. People can draw again, and paper planes are back, and tissues are safe, all thanks to Tommy Zoom. Back in the real world, it was still raining, and Mum helped Dad with the bookcase. Tommy didn't get better by drawing, but he got better at saving paper. He hugs Daniel while he licks Tommy and the episode ends.


  • Settings: Tommy's house, and Neighbourhood
  • Theme: Saving paper
  • Characters: Tommy, Daniel, Mum, Dad, Polluto, and Smogg
  • First aired: April 3, 2007


  • This is the first time that it shows a rainy day in the real world. poluto is interupted by tommy

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