Shower is the fourth episode of Tommy Zoom. In this episode, Tommy and Daniel try to prevent Polluto and Smogg turning the world into a dripping, muddy ball.

Polluto and Smogg in their plane.

This episode is about cleaning up and getting clean.


As the episode begins, we find the whole family coming home from the park. Daniel had the football in his mouth that is burst, because he has been playing football with Tommy and Dad. Tommy was all muddy, so Dad told him it was time to have a shower. But Tommy didn't want a shower, he wanted to watch the football match on the TV. Tommy sat on the sofa, still muddy, trying to find the remote. When he looked at the sofa, it was filthy. Daniel quickly thought to get a cloth and clean it off. But Tommy wasn't sure if he can clean the mud or watch the football. Daniel asks what would Tommy Zoom do, and they both get transported into cartoon to save the world in a zoom. When they got there, there was mud everywhere. Then, they saw a bird plane flying in the sky with mud dropping down. They realise it's Polluto driving the plane and Smogg is dropping the mud in a chute. Polluto lands the plane and goes through his plan. He is trying to make the world all muddy. Daniel told Tommy that he's got to stop Polluto before he turns the world into a big, muddy mess, but he doesn't know how. Daniel gave him a clue about how would he get clean, and Tommy said he'll have a shower which gave him an idea. He flew in the sky and blew a lot of clouds which makes a thunderstorm cloud. The lightning struck the plane and Polluto and Smogg left the plane. Smogg got out his parachute but Polluto's parachute didn't work and he fell on the ground while Smogg landed safely. Polluto didn't like showers, so Tommy blew the thunderstorm cloud away and it was sunny which Polluto hated most of all. Tommy and Daniel saved the world in a zoom. Back in the real world, Tommy cleaned up the sofa and he was all fresh and bright because he had a shower. Then, Dad got out a washing up bowl full of water, because it was time for Daniel to have a bath. Daniel didn't like this and hid under the table, and the episode ends.


  • Settings: Tommy's house and Neighbourhood
  • Theme: Cleaning up and getting clean.
  • Characters: Tommy, Daniel, Dad, Mum (cameo), Baby Sam (cameo), Polluto, and Smogg
  • First aired: March 22, 2007


  • This is the first time Daniel has a bath and he doesn't like it.